Endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

A high-performance collaborative panel system offering countless configurations, turning unused wall space into places for expression and idea-sharing - meet Motif?.

A New Meaning

A New Meaning

Feature walls. Brand artwork. Functional writing surface. a3 CeramicSteel Flow gives a new meaning to design and collaboration.

Unmatched Sophistication

Unmatched Sophistication

With a sleek design and a clean aesthetic, a3 CeramicSteel Sans supports collaboration and enhances the aesthetics of any environment.

Infrastructure That Goes the Distance

Infrastructure That Goes the Distance

PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel gives architects and fabricators a top-class look paired with versatility and enduring strength.

The World’s Most Popular Whiteboard + Chalkboard

The World's Most Popular Whiteboard + Chalkboard

Super-smooth writing surface. Unmatched erasability. Durability against scratches, stains or fading. PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel is the optimum choice.

PolyVision CeramicSteel surfaces are used for whiteboards, chalkboards and an array of architectural applications.

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From chalkboards and whiteboards in more than 8,000,000 classrooms to buildings, bridges, and tunnels across the globe, discerning fabricators and architects choose PolyVision CeramicSteel surfaces. It’s a true testament to PolyVision’s ability to create a superior surface through rigorous and innovative manufacturing and testing. Defying scratches, stains, weather, pollutants, and fire, PolyVision surfaces are simply unparalleled.

Together, PolyVision and Steelcase represent one of the most sustainable organizations in the world, with nearly 100 years of commitment to practices that are positive for the planet, and a dedication to creating solutions that are built to last.

Collaborative Surfaces

The Collaborative Surfaces team consults on a unique portfolio of materials used to create smarter spaces for collaboration ranging from CeramicSteel for agile writing resources to privacy solutions for you and your data.


A Canvas for Growing Cities

A growing population flocking to urban areas for both work and play births a demand for transportation unlike any in history. Transportation and urban infrastructure are predicted to be two of the largest markets for both India and China by 2025.

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Collaborate Anywhere

As the need for collaboration grows, teams need more functional spaces to work. Explore ways to personalize your vertical surface through Motif, a new high performance collaborative panel system.

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An Irreplaceable Tool

In healthcare, key information changes at a rapid pace. To keep track of it all, many designers have integrated whiteboards into healthcare design to help with retention rates.

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Beyond the Surface

Worldwide, PolyVision CeramicSteel is changing learning environments, architectural infrastructure and building design. Find our latest news – and our best stories – in one convenient place.

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Doing Our Part

Learn how we invest in the world that inspires us by building relationships through volunteering and collaborating with charitable organizations and striving to uphold our dedication to sustainability by producing 99.9% recyclable material and practicing sustainable measures in production.

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Color + Design

For more than 50 years, PolyVision has been mastering the ability to print wall graphics on CeramicSteel. In hospitals, schools, transit spaces, pedestrian walkways and interior corridors, Surface Imaging has opened up endless opportunities to integrate art and imagery into architecture.

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