Community Relations

Giving guidelines

Non-profit organizations in the United States that are certified tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt status are eligible for corporate contributions are eligible for corporate contributions and may request a donation or a sponsorship if they meet the following guidelines.

Our giving is concentrated in the following locations where we have a significant business and/or employee presence:

  • Athens, AL
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Our goal is to have our contributions focus on our corporate priorities and those are:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Public Urban Education
  • Economic Development
  • Environment

Steelcase does not donate to any organization that discriminates on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, citizenship, marital status, handicap, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity or veteran status.

We also do not donate to:

  • Individual elementary, middle or secondary schools
  • Religious organizations
  • Governmental organizations (local, regional and national)
  • Walks, runs, golf outings and other sport or recreational outings/events
  • Sponsorships for trips (organizational or individual) on behalf of an organization
  • Catastrophic individual illnesses or accidents
  • Individual political candidates or political action committees

For requests outside the United States, please contact your local Steelcase office and ask to be directed to Human Resources.

Does Steelcase Donate Used Products?

Through our Community “Returns” program, we occasionally donate used or like-new furniture. These products vary in style, quantity and condition. In the United States, our furniture donations are limited to areas where we have major manufacturing facilities (Grand Rapids, Michigan and Athens, Alabama). In these cases when furniture is granted, pick up arrangements must be made and pay for by the receiving organization. Please complete the Asking Steelcase Inc. for a Donation form?or contact community relations at?

Who Do I Talk To About Sponsoring My Organization’s Event or Fundraiser?

We sponsor lunches, dinners and other outside events as fundraisers only. Our giving is concentrated in the following areas where we have significant business and employee presence: Athens, Alabama and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please complete the Asking Steelcase Inc. for a Donation form or contact community relations at

I’m A Steelcase Employee and I’d like to make a Request for an Organization I Support. What Do I Do?

Please complete the Asking Steelcase Inc. for a Donation form?or contact community relations at?

Will Steelcase Sponsor My Sporting Event?

Steelcase does not donate or sponsor to sporting outings, including golf tournaments, walks, runs, bowling tournaments, etc.

How Do I Check On The Status Of My Request?

We will contact you within three weeks of receiving your donation request form.

My Non-Profit Organization Needs Steelcase Employees As Volunteers. Who Do I Talk To?

Steelcase welcomes requests for volunteer assistance or use of our facilities from tax-deductible, non-profit, charitable organizations. Please complete the Asking Steelcase Inc. for a Donation form?or contact community relations at?

How Do I Form a Strategic Community Partnership with Steelcase

Partnerships are formed based on the mutual interest of Steelcase and non-profit organizations. The process is typically initiated through our Asking Steelcase Inc. for a Donation?process or contact

My Request Was Approved. Can I Make Additional Donation Requests?

Yes. While we take into account the prior donations we’ve given to an organization, having received one donation from Steelcase doesn’t mean we won’t contribute again.

Viewing Resource Center Files

How do I view DWG/DXF/AutoCAD?files?

Autodesk provides the free DWG TrueView application or AutoCAD360, which runs in a web browser for desktop or mobile devices. If you need to mark up DWG/DXF files, you can download Autodesk’s Design Review application.

How do I view SketchUp files?

SketchUp is a?3D modeling tool. The free version of the tool and the viewer can be download at?

How do I view Revit?files?

Revit files can be viewed and marked up using Autodesk Viewer.

How can I download Steelcase Revit Material Libraries?

Steelcase Material Library


How do I view SmartTools files?

SmartTools is a proprietary Steelcase tool developed by Configura. You will need a SmartTools license to view these files.

How do I view pCon files?

pCon.planner is a 2D/3D modeling tool. The free version of the tool can be download at

How do I view PDF?files?

There are many free PDF viewers, including Adobe?Reader.

Unauthorized Retailers

What is “Gray Market”?

The gray market (also spelled grey market) is where products are sold outside normal distribution channels by unauthorized resellers that have no official relationship with the manufacturer.? This market often employs irregular but not illegal methods to sell products at prices lower than those offered through official channels.

Who is an authorized Steelcase reseller?

Steelcase products are sold through a network of authorized resellers selected by Steelcase to deliver customer experiences consistent with the brand promise.? An authorized reseller not only distributes the products, but also provides the consumer all of the technical support, warranty repairs, after-warranty service, and well everything a consumer associates with what a manufacturer should do.? Authorized Steelcase resellers earn the right to sell the brand.? A listing of current authorized resellers is found on by clicking on the “Shop” tab.

How do I know if my Steelcase product is “Gray Market”?

If the deal seemed too good to be true, it probably was.? Gray market products may be less expensive than those bought through official distribution channels but are sometimes inferior.? The products may be second-hand products or contain second-hand components that are represented as new or authentic.? With the use of the Internet to sell goods, some gray market items are not designed for a particular market, so they may not function properly and cannot be supported by an authorized reseller.? Warranties, updates, or other support are usually not available for gray market products.

Note about

While is an authorized online reseller of Steelcase products,?many independent resellers who sell through are not. When purchasing, it is important to note where the product is being “shipped from and sold by,” which is stated clearly in the header for each product on

Who are some known sellers of “Gray Market” Steelcase products?

The following are?identified as selling gray market Steelcase products:

Online Stores

Additional Known “Gray Market”?Sellers

Amazon or eBay sellers
Online stores listed above
Conpac Supplies
Everything Overstock


Updated October, 2013

Download the Furniture Symbol Library (FSL) App

Download the Furniture Symbol Library (v2.51*) here:

FSL for Windows 32-bit
FSL for Windows 64-bit

You can also browse and download individual 2D &?3D CAD symbols in our Resource Center.

Please direct support questions to

* Please be aware that the most current update (FSL v2.51), which supports AutoCAD 2014 and Windows 8.1, will be the last software update. Newer releases of Windows,?AutoCAD, and Microstation will not be supported.